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PT Interbat

PT Interbat, one of the biggest of pharmaceutical industry at Indonesia, produces and markets more than 320 kinds of medicines in any categories. They are analgesic, antacid, anti allergic, anti hypertensive, anti diarrhea, anti anaemic / multivitamins, anti infection, anti microbial, anti micotic, anti asthmatic, corticosterorde, neurodynamic agents, and others. Interbat was first founded in 1948 as the sole Indonesian distributor for European pharmaceuticals such as Crinos S.p.A, Zambon, Gentili S.p.A, and Cipan Pharmaceutical. In 1959, Interbat obtained its own production permit and has since established ourselves as an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer. In 1971, when Indonesia's Ministry of Public Health regulated a Good Manufacture Practices (GMP) standard for the first time, we immediately received recognition for using manucturing facilities that all conformed to this newly-formed standard. On May of 1977, we moved all of our production activities to a new two-hectare factory complex in Sidoarjo, situated 15 km from Surabaya, East Java. Since then, Interbat had undergone three factory expansions and major upgrades to its manufacturing facilities, production equipments, quality control laboratories and other regulated facilities, all the while receiving 31 GMP certificates according to WHO standards. In 2000, Interbat started exports to Africa and now sells antibiotics and more than 50 other products in 10 different markets, including East Timor and Hong Kong. It has also successfully registered some of its formulations in Singapore and the Philippines. With its long-standing position in Indonesia’s pharmaceutical industry complemented by a strong grasp of regulatory affairs, Interbat has become a trusted partner to leading multinationals seeking to enter the domestic market. Interbat leads in the probiotics field through a cooperation deal with Swedish biotechnology company BioGaia. In the premium baby care segment, Interbat serves as the official distributor of skin care products from French company Mustela. Anticipating a rise in demand for aesthetic products from working women and the rising middle class in Indonesia, Interbat is also aiming to grow its product offerings in the beauty and aesthetic segment.
Jl. H. R. Moch. Mangundiprojo No. 1 Buduran, Sidoarjo.
Kabupaten Aceh Barat , Jawa Timur
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